I was having a very busy day at the office. Everyone else started to leave, but not me. I had to be in the office with my boss. I leave when he leaves. I wanted to take a break. I told my boss that I will be back in a few minutes. He looked at me. Clearly he was having some other thoughts in his mind. After a few seconds he nodded and went back to his work without speaking a word. I figured he was busy too.

I came down to the small stall in the parking lot where we all relax from time to time. The stall used to be on the sidewalk outside the building. We had it moved inside so that we can hang out peacefully without much disturbance and avoid the wretched pollution. I sat there with a lighted cigarette in one hand and a hot ginger tea in the other. I saw my team members leaving. They were bidding me 'Good Bye'. I smiled and nodded just like my boss did at me........

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